Before You Buy

During an initial consultation, we will learn about your needs and desires for your new home. Whether it’s your first purchase or you’re a seasoned buyer, our agents will explain the unique ways we support our clients throughout the buying process. Using the current market trends as a guiding force, we will create a personalized plan to help you find and secure the perfect property. Additionally, we will connect you with trusted lenders who will provide the same level of meticulous service and attention to detail.

Your Home Search and Offer

We will leave no stone unturned in the search for your perfect home. No homes on the market? We are skilled at creating inventory and finding homes that are not yet for sale. When you’ve found the perfect home, we’ll develop a strategy that makes your offer as competitive as possible without compromising any of your needs.

Getting to Closing

The period leading up to closing can be a stressful for many buyers.  While some may sit back and kick up their feet after an offer is accepted, our team dives into action with proven systems to be sure that we are meeting every deadline and maintaining negotiating power at each landmark.  Our agents foresee and prevent every possible issue, and we deal with inevitable issues promptly to help avoid delays.  Our goal is to ease your mind as much as possible in the process of getting the keys to your new home in your hand.  

Beyond Your Home Purchase

Our job doesn’t end upon the purchase of your home!  We provide all kinds of support to current and past clients, including but not limited to referrals for quality contractors, advice on the best bang for your buck upgrades, and information on how to use your home warranty.  We host annual client appreciation events to stay in touch, and always love getting together for coffee or lunch to catch up.